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Sound Off
These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may anonymously submit a comment online at or by phone by calling 876-3733.

Call 876-3733.

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

“I’ve been watching my local fish wrap for the ‘free’ Vidalia onions that they give out every year. Well folks, forget it. There will be NO onions for you fish wrap subscribers.  Guess I’ll have to eat my fish WITHOUT the onions.  The only good thing about this demorat bias newspaper are the sound offs and their free onions.  Guess we’ll have to settle for their sound offs and NO onions.” Editor’s note: The Courier’s parent company will conduct a survey to see if readers would like us to bring back the onions next year.

“The Liberty County Board of Education needs to take an assessment of each school and either move or get rid of some of these created positions within the schools.  There are many that are non-essential but yet are being paid far more than someone in the classroom working with students.  In my opinion if people need to ask what that persons job is then are they really needed and if they are aren’t willing to be a team player because its ‘beneath’ them to do certain tasks then they need to move on.  Bring on the staff survey’s and not just on the Principals and the AP’s because there are many other certified employees that aren’t held accountable!”

“Went to Municipal Court today and the lady representing Liberty County Animal Control made herself look ridiculous. I was shocked when I heard her say she didn’t know anything about the case.  I’m not surprised.  She is an embarrassment to the county. Joey Brown, where does my taxes go if Animal Control doesn’t do their jobs?  Oh that’s right, to fund people who shouldn’t work there.”

“Please Coastal Publishing- you are being misled. Dr. Perry did not even give the students a chance to support themselves during the tribunal. He is giving false information. They have already decided to expel these girls; they are withholding evidence from the parents they will not let the parents do the takes.  And they are denying the girl’s appeals. Do not be misled by his statements it is absolutely untrue. They are now fearing the lawsuit that the student’s parent are taking against the Board of Education. They are getting ready to take their case to the state.”

“Just a few words that will probably upset a few, but perhaps a few will agree. I’m referring to the degradation of my neighborhood, Heritage Estates. We have lived here for 20 years and what was once a quiet, clean area, is now very noisy, unkempt and for me, no longer desirable as a place to live. People are using their yards to park their vehicles, many of which are inoperable. The front yards are littered with toys and trash. The trash is building up and I cannot keep up with policing of the area.”

“What is the status of the murder charges and prosecution of Jermaine Ray Mealy?  It has been nearly four years since Nathaniel Brown was killed and justice has not been served.” Editor’s note: According to documents posted in public records of the Liberty County Clerk of Courts, this case is set for a jury trial starting July 30.

“Did you know that the dentists in Hinesville take in more money for patient care than a kidney specialist and cancer doctor? Example: a less than 30 minute tooth extraction will cost a patient $300 to $400, while a kidney specialist or cancer doctor will cost you below $300. It’s no wonder Medicare won’t cover dental care.”

“Mayor Allen Brown you will not have my support anymore. How can you defend your City Manager?”

“I am an adult who fought the odds as my childhood was not at all good. I still came to school knowing how to act and had respect for teachers. I never talked back or argued with any adult! So don’t ever say teachers don’t care because they do. Make your children listen and stop making excuses for them! Also stop putting titles on them.”

“When is the Government going to crack down on over charging patients? Fort Stewart needs to reopen all dental clinics and have one at the WACH ER for dental emergencies for all military and their families and retired military and their families. Dental problems can cause other problems that kill people. Some doctors must not be very medical trained not to know this.”

“To the teachers who keep complaining about paraprofessionals, what do you want from us? We don’t do enough, you call us lazy. We do what you tell us to, you call us uppity and bossy!”

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