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Sound off for Jan. 16

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I’m really tired of getting emails from Buddy Carter, David Purdue and Johnny Isakson telling us, the voters, that the number one problem is the national debt. Now they are primed to vote for the 2017 budget resolution, which will add $10 trillion to the debt. I guess they forgot the number one problem!

I was once told by a professor to listen to people when they speak. If a person continually uses the words very, very in sentences you probably do not want to be around them.

Do politicians really share or live Christian values?

I expect our new president to divest his business interests about the same time he releases his recent tax returns.

As my mother has often said self-praise stinks!

Long Co. Commissioners are talking about hiring a full-time county administrator/grant writer. Good, great, but hiring a county administrator will likely cost the county $100,000 plus per year. How are they planning to pay for this position? We do not need a tax increase.

It’s time for the people in this area to stand up and tell Buddy Carter, David Purdue and Johnny Isakson to put the country before the Republican Party. They should support a select committee in both the House and Senate to investigate the Russian hacking. Don’t we want to know the truth?

I would like to know what the Long Co. commission is going to do about the falling housing prices in the subdivisions in District 2, northeast Long Co. In 2009, houses that sold for $180,000 are now selling for less than $140,000. Is this is due to the over building and foreclosures?

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