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Sound off Sept. 18
Sound Off
These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may anonymously submit a comment online at or by phone by calling 876-3733.

“To our county commissioner for East Liberty County. This is pertaining to Barrington Ferry Road; our road is in horrible condition, we would like to see something done to improve our road condition. Remember, all votes count.”

“I wonder why they keep changing police chiefs [in Walthourville] and they never seem to stay in the same position for long periods of time. But yet they are going to slander previous ones who were there. Maybe they need to find out why they keep changing police chiefs and can’t seem to keep one there.” 

“Council members from District 1 need to know who you’re voting for. Your current representative is two faced and talks about you very poorly behind your back.”

“It is up to the city council to fire the city manager, not the mayor.”

“If you are not in the clique at the Isle of Wight Club, you are like a second class citizen. There are five members that run it all. Wake up, open your eyes members.”

“It is very sad that our Congressman Buddy Carter did not stand up against racism.”

“This is in response to the comments about tattoos and piercings.  I’ve dealt with several school employees and teachers through the years, and I’ve never seen any proof that having tattoos has any negative effect on the ability to teach or improve the lives of children.  However, I have noticed that fancy clothing or even credentials doesn’t make a good teacher or administrator.  It all comes down to the individual and whether they genuinely care about the children.  So stop the hate.”

“Liberty County BOC get your act together first, you don’t pay employees the overtime that their due, and now past employees are receiving letters that we owe the county money for taxes that they didn’t take out! Liberty County BOC take responsibility for your actions!”

“For Hinesville and Liberty County are unsafe during hurricanes. All businesses are open like South Coast Health where they and Liberty Memorial Hospital still expect patients with appointments to show up when there is a tropical storm warning up and a hurricane watch in effect for all of Liberty County until Friday Sept. 6. I live in a mobile home and we stayed in place because I had an appointment with South Coast Health. For we stayed in place before and had big pine trees fall around our mobile home. But I bet right now I can walk down to the end of our road and find Dollar General Open.”

“Did you see that messy presentation at the Chamber from the BOE? Seems like the Superintendent is not surrounded by the best and brightest. From what I hear none of the Superintendent’s Cabinet actually have experience improving a school. It shows. This is why folks are choosing to move into neighboring counties. You have leaders who have never led. Move some of your high performing Principals into those positions before they are snatched up by the ‘competition.’ We need those millions of dollars back.”

“Why is Council Member Keith Jenkins campaigning for votes with city of Hinesville employees on city property? Also he’s doing it with a sheriff’s department uniform on. Is that right?”

“When Bryant Commons was donated to Liberty County the water was clean. There was no brush or anything in it. A lot of people donated and did a lot of work for that. I do think the county should be able to clean up that water. Hire someone or do something to get that water clean, it’s getting worse and worse. It’s a beautiful lake, it’s a nice place to go, but Liberty County needs to do their job and take care of a gift that was given to them.”

“It is so sad to see city council using an employee to do their dirty work.”

“I am a Democrat but after watching that horrible debate I will not vote for any of those cutthroat candidates.”

“Thank you … the justice system of Liberty County, for turning loose the criminals that you catch over and over for drugs, stabbing people and shooting in our neighborhood, and turn them right back out on the street to terrorize us again. You’re not doing your job. Put them where they belong!”

“There are still wonderful people in Hinesville. A lady at a local grocery store thanked me for letting her get in front of me in the checkout line. It was not one of my best days, but you changed it. You made my day. Thank you very much.”

“I see pretty much reckless driving from the bus drivers. What are we going to do, wait until another child gets killed in a school bus wreck? Liberty County schools you need to straighten up your bus drivers.”

“To the Liberty County road department crew working on Arnold Drive this morning, I’d like to extend a sincere thank you. You guys did good work.”

“I’m a taxpayer in the 4th district of Liberty County down toward the east end. It is so sad when you have a county commissioner that has a phone, and you call him so many times, and he won’t return your calls. Plus, it says he has a voice mail that he does not have set up. Very sad for us taxpayers in the 4th district.”

“I want to say thank you to the person at McDonald’s who paid for my cup of coffee this morning. That was very kind of you. I just wanted to show that there are good people out here in the world. God bless and have a great day!”

“Are parents not required to have children ready for the school bus when it arrives? Parents, wake up and get your children up on time.”

“No, First Presbyterian Church is not closed and has not been sold. We have partnered with Compassion Christian Church and share our facility as we work together to bring the lost in Hinesville to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“City of Hinesville, please put a street light between 1933 and 1939 Salisbury Way. It’s extremely dark, and it’s not safe.”

“Thank you for the FVSU scandal update, and I agree that anyone who supports the city manager on the city council needs to go. It’s election time, make your vote count.”

“Notice that Long County is going to have more developers to come in to build houses. Is that a problem? Yes. How about developers take care of houses that are already built in Crawford and other subdivisions?” 

“Whoever you are, you took the time to take your bag of empty energy drink bottles in my driveway. You are very selfish, and you do not care about keeping Liberty beautiful. I hope you will think about what you’re doing the next time.”

“Hello, I’m a concerned citizen. I would like to say that I’m glad to see mrs. Kathy win decide to run again. We have council members who don’t have any respect for the mayor. I hope she wins this election. Also running again is Mr. Keith Jenkins. The time for change is there.”

“I am 82 years old and live in Ludowici, Ga. I am tired of paying for city water that I cannot drink. About two weeks ago I complained to the city clerk. I have very low water pressure and the water doesn’t taste good to drink. The mayor said he would replace the water line to my house. But no one would say when the work would be done. I would like to have a new water line directly from the water meter to my house.”

“Please, please look at your local council members and vote them out in November.”

“Someone did a great job mowing the grass at Bryant Commons, it really looks great. I just wonder when someone will clean up the water.”

“Just wondering when the teachers will see the $3,000 that was promised by the governor in our paychecks. Well Liberty County, where is it?”

“All Walthourville voters, please go to the polls. We are in trouble, from the head to the bottom.”

“I was upset when Comcast cable vision took so long to get cable back on. But the company representative told me with all this wind they couldn’t be up on the wires. Now I’m glad, nobody got hurt.”

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