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Sound off for Sept. 19

I am so tired of hearing how PBIS is working in our school systems! Well guess what? It’s not! We as teachers feel there is no support. We have behavior issues going on all day and what do our administrators do? Give them a pep talk and send them back to class! Why bring them back to our class, only so they can disrupt it again and again! We as educators are there to teach not baby sit! We need to hold our parents also accountable. How many times do we need to call parents? Or better yet, how many times do we have to redirect, or when will something get done about this? Its the beginning of the school year and we are already exhausted! Dr. Perry you need to listen more to your teachers and stand by them!

Has Councilmember Kenneth Shaw quit? He hasn’t been at any council meetings or any other meetings in a long time. Does he still get paid even though he is a no show?

Liberty County School System needs bus monitors, if not you’ll be sued for not having the childrens’ backs.

We need new leadership at Liberty County High School. Just like the Board of Education.

Marcus Scott and Dr. Yvette F. Keel FOUR MORE MONTHS LEFT  on the Liberty County board of education. YES!!

Why are we trying to take away students right to Express themselves? They are alreday in uniform now they are restricted to clear or mesh backpacks which I’ve been told will soon be district wide initiative. They only little expression they have now is in the bags they carry. Please stop militarizing our children. We have teachers and some administrators in clothing so short they cannot bend, please pay attention to that and let our babies Express themselves.

For I suggested that the names of the Primary Care Doctors be included in the Obituary part of your paper because they are giving out Medication such as Blood Pressure Medication that acts in some ways like opioids .For they effect the CNS that makes them moody and can cause family problems the same way as alcohol. Some cause Vertigo and death.  Would you like your wife or husband love one to have this type of PCM?”

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