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Sound off for Sept. 22

“So let me get this straight, our students in Liberty County can talk with astronauts on the international space station, but we still cannot figure out how to get them to school on time.”

“I have been shopping on military base at the commissary for over 40 years, but never in my years have I seen how downhill it’s gone. They had a sale this week and you couldn’t even hear yourself talk, you had people standing, screaming, hollering and dancing. What’s the sense of having music? It’s a sale. Their behavior the way they treat customers is going downhill, the best thing anyone can do now if they’re smart is go to the Walmart neighborhood because the commissary’s leaving business and they don’t really care and doesn’t seem to care about their patrons. The new management is not the same.”

“City of Hinesville, when are we going to get our water pressure back? You know what area we’re talking about, please do something about it.”

“Marcus Scott and Dr. Yvette F. Keel, four more months left on the Liberty County board of education ….yes!”

“I agree with the comment regarding (city of Hinesville) Councilman Shaw.  If he isn’t going to perform his job as an elected official, then he shouldn’t receive any compensation from the city.  No work, no pay!  Be a man and resign!”

“How you can you believe in same sex marriage? Read your bible Romans 1 and 26.”

“The 2018 midterm election outcomes lie in the hands of us, the young voters.  If you’re 18 or older please register to vote and get your peers to do so as well. Apathy is not an option. First we register, then we vote!”

“How did this guy get from Liberty County 196 East, through Hinesville, into Long County.  No stop sticks deployed, pit action. I hope an investigation is done on police actions or lack of.”

“This call is for the citizens calling on a boycott to Nike. I say let’s boycott all citizens who do not understand what the kneeling is all about, you don’t know what it’s about , maybe you ought to be quiet.”

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