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SPLOST yes vote in county's best interest
Courier editorial

Liberty County voters once again will have the option Tuesday to vote to extend the current Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for an additional six years. SPLOST has been around awhile and enables local governments to finance specific capital projects, such as courthouses, roads, bridges, libraries and highways. SPLOST is a 1 percent sales tax that is paid on purchases made in Liberty County.
One of the reasons the SPLOST referendum passed in most Georgia counties is because of the tax relief it provides property owners. Plus, the consensus is that much of the revenue SPLOST generates comes from out-of-county visitors who make purchases in Liberty County.
By extending SPLOST for an additional six years, Liberty County can fund needed improvements and remain competitive with other counties in Southeast Georgia. And, in fact, this tax does spare property owners from potential tax increases that many would find difficult to pay.
Of course, an added benefit is that shoppers from outside Liberty County also pay the 1 percent tax, making SPLOST an even fairer way for governments to raise revenue.
The bottom line is that Liberty County needs revenue that SPLOST generates to keep roads, parks and buildings in good shape while preparing for a future where we provide needed facilities for families who will find Liberty County a good place to live.  
We encourage voters to say yes to SPLOST on Tuesday.

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