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Storm sound off
Rainbow before the storm

Editor’s note: We got lucky Hurricane Dorian missed Georgia’s coast. Here are expressions of gratitude to lighten your day. Also, let us keep the people of the Bahamas in our hearts and help them out if we can. They lost so much to the storm. As of this writing, the death toll was rising there and thousands were reported missing.

“Good morning from Savannah… so far no major damage. Thank God”

 “A few limbs in the yard, already moved them to the curb!”

“Just some small tree branches in the yard. Can we keep the light breeze?”

“We had a very small branch fall. No damages here. Safe.

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”


“We are good.”

“Ready for a nap.”

“Thankfully, no damage.”

“I did fine out in Long County off Highway 84. No problem at all.”

“Pretty sure I gained 5 pounds just by eating.”

“Not a drop of rain off of Rye Patch. No problems at all."

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