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Support KLB's 'Good Neighbors' drive
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As if Keep Liberty Beautiful didn’t already do enough for the community, the organization is now in the midst of its “Good Neighbors: Keep it Clean, Keep it Green” campaign. The effort focuses on recognizing local residents who realize that their actions — and inactions — on their property and public roads do impact their neighbors. These folks keep their homes and land clean, nicely landscaped and free of clutter. In addition, “good neighbors” won’t hesitate to lend a hand to nearby residents who might need help sprucing up their property.
As Keep Liberty Beautiful Executive Director Sara Swida says, a community is more than just a group of people who happen to live in the same vicinity. So why not get involved? The “Good Neighbors” campaign calls more community members to participate in meaningful activities and service events that prove beneficial to both people and the environment.
It’s no secret that well-maintained public places, such as businesses, parks and city streets, are important. Attractive spaces draw visitors and act as drivers for tourism, employment and community development. But how often do we stop to think about the value of pristine private property? The fact is, a dilapidated house, a trash-strewn lawn or an abandoned, inoperable vehicle really can do a number on property values and public perception. All it takes is one run-down home site to send potential house hunters sprinting in the other direction. And who can blame them?
If that’s not reason enough to tidy up your home turf, remember that trashy-looking neighborhoods typically invite shady behavior and people. No one wants that.
In March, KLB will introduce another component of the “Good Neighbors” campaign — a HomeProud  quarterly recognition program, which just serves to let hardworking, conscientious people know that their attractive, neat homes and yards are appreciated.
KLB also posted “Good Neighbors” banners last week at all of Liberty County’s solid-waste and recycling centers.
So grab a paint brush and a rake, and start spreading the word. Inspire your neighbors to take pride in the appearance of their property. Hold yourself and those around you accountable for your community’s general upkeep and appearance. If you need help getting started, consider taking part in one of Keep Liberty Beautiful’s upcoming programs, such as the April 20 city of Hinesville cleanup day or the May 11 Recycle it! Fair. There also are a number of individual cleanup days scheduled for Liberty County’s municipalities. Those interested in helping out in Gum Branch, Allenhurst or Midway should call Swida at 880-4888 or email

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