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Test your water smarts with EPA quiz
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As we near our Sixth Annual Rivers Alive event on Saturday, Oct. 22, I wanted to give you an opportunity to test your own water smarts. This is an opportunity to find out just how much you know about taking care of our local waterways. This little quiz is courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Test your water smarts

Take this quiz (don’t worry — you won’t get graded) to test your water smarts. Then give the quiz to your family and friends to test their knowledge on water quality. We can’t really protect our waterways if people don’t know these problems exist.

1. True or false: Watersheds mainly are located in mountainous regions with high rainfall.

False. We all live in watersheds. Liberty County crosses two watersheds: Canoochee and Ogeechee Coastal.

2. Circle the correct answer. Most of the pollutants entering our waters come from the following source:
A. Wastewater treatment
B. Runoff from fields and streets
C. Factories along rivers

B. Runoff from fields and streets. It is true. The people who create runoff that ends up in storm drains, streams and creeks, etc., are the main source of water pollution. Pollution also is created by fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals running off lawns and fields.

3. True or false: Students can join organizations to help monitor their waters.

True. So can individuals, families and any business or organization that would like to adopt and monitor a local waterway.

4. True or false: Dirt, bacteria and nutrients are the most common pollutants in our waters.

True. Sludge, litter full of bacteria, and excess nutrients from fertilizers and pesticides wreak havoc in our waterways.

5. True or false: Leaves should be raked down a storm drain so they can decompose in the stream and provide food for the fish.

False. Never, never, never dump or pour trash or debris down storm drains.

6. True or false: To determine whether your toilet is leaking, you can squirt a couple drops of food dye in the top of the tank and wait a few minutes to see if the dye shows up in the toilet bowl.

True. Sewage leaks can seep into groundwater and contaminate it.

7. Circle the correct answer. The following organizations monitor the quality of our waters:
A. Volunteer organizations and business volunteers
B. State and local agencies
C. The federal government
D. All of the above

D. All of the above. Any interested group or individual can be trained through the Adopt-a-Stream program and regularly monitor a local waterway.

8. Circle the correct answer. Nutrients that enter our waters come from the following sources:
A. Leaking septic systems
B. Excess fertilizers washing off lawns
C. Pet waste
D. All of the above

D. All of the above. All of these sources create problems for our local waters.

9. What percentage of rivers and streams assessed in the most recent national water quality report scored a good rating, meaning the waters fully supported their designated uses?
A. 10 percent
B. 32 percent
C. 65 percent
D. 93 percent

D. 65 percent. How comfortable does that make you feel about those waterways in the other 35 percent?  They need our help!

How do you rate?
• More than five wrong: Uh oh. Better do some studying! Our
waters are our life!
• Three to five wrong answers: You’ve got to do better than that if you’re going to make a difference. Check out websites for Rivers Alive, Georgia Adopt-a-Stream and the Environmental Protection Agency.
• One to three wrong answers: Pretty good. Find the correct answers and start spreading the word.
• 0 wrong answers: Excellent! You’ve got the smarts to be an environmental hero. Now, go out there and make a difference for our waterways!

Upcoming KLB activity
The Sixth Annual Rivers Alive in Liberty County is Saturday, Oct. 22. Join us for these annual waterway and wetland cleanups in more than 30 locations in our community on Make a Difference Day.
The first 350 volunteers to register will receive official Rivers Alive T-shirts. Co-sponsor SNF Chemtall will host a cookout for all volunteers at Riceboro Creek after the cleanups.
For more information or to register your family or group, call Keep Liberty Beautiful at 880-4888 or email

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