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Thank you to the Courier for trashing the neighborhood
mailing newspaper

Dear editor:

On or around Monday-Tuesday, Nov. 19-20, individuals connected to the Coastal Courier drove down Sharon Street; I assume Lesa and Elaine, throwing out a Courier per driveway. I went out to observe, two newspapers in my next door neighbor’s driveway.  I didn’t get mine. One was even in the middle of the street. Who was that for? 

Sir, I volunteered to help clean up St. Catherine’s Island, went with councilmember Vicky Nelson, among others to clean up down town Hinesville, so please SIR, don’t give a lecture on cleaning up Hinesville.  But don’t worry, through hard work (I even got cursed by my next door crummy, filthy yard neighbor) I’ve helped clean up about four driveways. If I hadn’t taken the initiative attitude (I am a 36-plus year homeowner in this one time top of the line neighborhood) there would still be driveways or even a front yard, trashed. I talked to Ms. Nelson, she told me she would work with the city manager and mayor. Looks to me, Coastal Courier, work with the city and the real estate industry and clean the filth you left behind! And remember, have a blessed day!

Joseph B. Stuart


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