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Thanks for helping family of boy in need
Letter to editor
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Editor,  I am a mother of five children, one of whom is very ill, recently became wheelchair-bound and is getting worse daily. I went to a company called JCVisions here in town for assistance because my son’s medical bills and my husband’s recent layoff make it tough for us to keep up with bills. While I was at JCVisions, I asked the staffers if they knew of any resources for handicap accessories because my family is in need of a wheelchair lift and/or a larger van for our family and a wheelchair ramp for our son.
Two days after I sought assistance from the United Way, we got two calls — one arranging for full payment of our bill and one from a contractor, Layton Gilroy. This Mr. Gilroy donated and installed a wheelchair ramp for us at no cost.
I would like to thank the United Way and also this kind soul for helping us in our time of need. My son has regained the independence that he lost long ago. So thank you, even though those words don’t begin to express my true gratitude. You have changed a young man’s life and that is huge. I encourage others to support the United Way in their business and social service ventures.
If anyone would like to donate to my son’s cause and recovery, please go to
— Shallanna Calci

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