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Thanksgiving first, then Christmas feast….geesh!
Patty Leon new

Once upon a time in a great Superstore,

I went shopping for Thanksgiving but found something more.

In searching for wine and the selection of beer,

I noticed the Big Santa and his Reindeer.

“What’s this I asked?” Amid much dismay,

They jumped into Christmas and skipped TURKEY DAY!

Hell no. No way, that’s just not quite fair,

Let’s give Thanksgiving its holiday share!

How about a blow up turkey, 10 feet tall,

And table settings with the vibrant colors of fall.

For the napkins, the plates, the tablecloths and such,

AND OF COURSE there’s the FOOD of which there’s so MUCH.

Turkey, ham, bean casserole, and pie,

Mashed potatoes and gravy piled on my plate a mile high.

The stuffing or dressing, wait aren’t they the same?

WHO CARES, just eat it and don’t be so lame.

Cranberry sauce and mom’s homemade bread,

I’ll eat ‘til I’m stuffed and head straight to bed.

Wake up the next day and eat once again,

So much leftover food as if there’s no end.

Leftovers for sandwiches and turkey soup,

Second day pie covered in marshmallow goop.

And don’t forget to give thanks for things big and small,

A time to reach out to others and break down the walls.

It may be difficult, but just give it a try,

Here I’ll start, “Thank you Fish-wrap guy.”

Thank you for being outspoken and bold,

For your freedom of speech and your truth to be told.

We may disagree which is frankly okay,

We can’t all view the world exactly the same way.

I’m thankful for life, friends, family and my co-workers each day,

To each and every one of you a big thank you I say.

Thanks for the hardships that help me to grow,

Of course thanks to my mom, dad and my Bro’

After Black Friday let the Christmas shenanigans begin,

With all the love, joy and headaches it brings.

And to save you some money during this holiday trap,

Just use our paper, place gift here, tuck, fold and WRAP.

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