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The GOP of the past is dead
Letter to the editor

Editor: The party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan is dead. It has been kidnapped by a lunatic known to his delusional supporters and some others as The Donald. I value a two party system, and believe it or not, this Democrat is saddened to see the GOP’s total demise.

Trump was allowed, yes "allowed" to capture the GOP when Paul Ryan showed he did not have the courage nor the resolve eight or so weeks ago to stand up to Trump. Ryan, as Republican Speaker of the GOP controlled House, showed his allegiance to party eclipsed love of country. In a few more days we may all suffer from Ryan’s inaction. Now a crazed narcissist who angrily twitters early in the morning will have the nuclear code if elected president. Trump even advocates the proliferation of nuclear arms (Japan and South Korea). This should scare the bejeezus out of you. Trump evidently also even sees himself as some sort of mafia godfather, by telling our allies they must "pay up if they want our protection."

Exactly how much crazy do you want in the Oval Office? As conservative nationally syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker recently wrote: "She would take corrupt over crazy any day." That statement alone should help independents and some moderate Republicans make up their minds as to whom to vote for on Nov. 8!

This ‘Trumpian’ aberration is not the Republican Party of old. The Grand Old Party is now just the Old Party. If you are a Republican and cannot stomach Trump, then you are "normal." Yes, Clinton does have her faults and detractors but along with that she has many high level endorsements. Trump’s most recent endorsement came from the Crusader, the official newspaper of the KKK.

Republicans, please figure out some way to reclaim your party. Crazy is as crazy does.

Jimmy Darsey


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