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There are ways to create new jobs
Letter to editor
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Editor, Why are so many people out of work in Hinesville and Liberty County? I see a lot of open Hinesville jobs posted on the Internet and the Courier also provides help wanted ads. I also see a lot of jobs that businesses won’t pay to have done, but that need to be done. Look at all these slum areas in Liberty County and Hinesville. Local governments don’t pave roads or put in sidewalks where they are needed.
There are also a lot of non-paying jobs open in Hinesville. If you are unemployed and drawing unemployment pay, you could do a no-pay job and barter with a business man or woman for other types of compensation. For example, go to a landlord and offer to scrub his rentals for free or reduced-price rent. A deal like that could get some homeless people off the street.
We also have a lot of employers who are supposed to pay their employees hourly wages, but they work their employees off the clock. This should not be counted as “under employment,” but it is. This is just plain old breaking the law and being greedy.
If employers want to be greedy, they need to get on the Republican-run U.S. Congress to set the minimum wage back to $5.25 per hour and put a maximum ceiling of $6.25 per hour for workers and lower-level management people. Then employers would start hiring like crazy because it would make business owners even richer and poor people more poor. But it would put people back to work.
What would hurt the rich would be for the U.S. government to tell the business owners at what price they could sell their products and services. Then people could afford to buy services and products, and the gross national product would rise.
Has this letter helped anyone or caught anyone’s attention yet? I am looking for a third political party to come on board — one that will represent the elderly, poor and the U.S. military.
— Robert J. Wetmore

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