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Thumbs up / thumbs down
Dec. 28, 2011
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Here’s what we thought worked this week and what didn’t:

Giving dog a second chance at life
Thumbs up: The story of Long County resident Dallas LaPointe adopting a stray dog with the intention of training it to help her manage her medical condition is heart-warming. It’s a win-win situation — LaPointe gets a guardian, and her pup gets a new lease on life.

Tax bills going out late
Thumbs down: Though the county is working with property owners to ensure they can pay their 2011 property taxes in time to file them with the same year’s income taxes, a bureaucratic system of waiting on the board of education, which is waiting on other districts to prevent losses in federal funding, led to a complicated crunch for taxpayers and tax collectors.

Showing off Liberty County
Thumbs up: The Liberty County Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors recently formed a memorandum of understanding with the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce to partner together to increase tourism development in Liberty County.

Complaints about Sound off
Thumbs down: A lot of people have complained recently that there are too many religious calls in Sound off. The Courier can only run the calls it receives. We don’t dictate what people can and cannot talk about. If we cut all the religious calls, then people complain that we publish too few calls in general.

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