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Time for statue to come down
Letter to the editor


I’ve written this article to express my opinion regarding the Confederate soldier monument at the Liberty County Courthouse in Hinesville.  

This city, which is roughly 45 percent Americans of African descent and 50 percent women, deserves better than this. Neither Liberty County or Hinesville should continue to honor persons who supported and defended human trafficking while committing treason and dishonoring the human race.

This statue propagates entitlement, supremacy and ignorance. A monument, as defined by the dictionary, is a structure erected to commemorate a famous or notable person or event.

So, why should our community and its governments continue to pay homage to any Confederate soldier?

Our city and county is home to the United States Army’s 3rd infantry Division. This community would be better served if we were to place a statue of the men and women who served this great division, instead of a Confederate soldier. Why are we keeping this statue on public grounds?

Donna Gamble

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