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Time is right to strike at Iran
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Many readers might think that I have lost my mind, but the United States is going to have to meet the Iranian nuclear threat at some time. Now is the time. Iran also is testing long-range missiles. If the two elements come together, we have a nation that may destroy Israel and the West, which includes the United States.
Why wait until we actually are faced with the dangers of a nuclear bomb in the hands of Iran and Al-Qaida? We all know that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad considers the United States the “great Satan,” and he will do everything to put nuclear bombs in the hands of our sworn enemy — terrorists.
Iran is threatening to close the vital Strait of Hormuz oil route, deploying warships to the strait. With the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet in the area, the strait could be the beginning of another major conflict if Iran decides to close the strait, preventing oil shipments. 
Now is a good time to wipe out Iran’s nuclear program, including its military. There is an element in Iran that would love to overturn the government. President Barack Obama lost his chance to bring down the Iranian government by not supporting these people when they protested the fixed elections in June 2009. If he had, we would not be in this position.
In a CBS Evening News interview with Scott Pelley that aired Dec. 19, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta declared that Iran might be only a year away from acquiring a nuclear bomb.
“If they proceed and we get intelligence that they are proceeding with developing a nuclear weapon, then we will take whatever steps necessary to stop it,” he said.
Why wait for Iran to nuke an American city?
The latest news is that Iran will receive a delegation from the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency headed by the agency’s chief weapons inspector, Herman Nackaerts. But will Iran allow access to key nuclear sites?  A November report by the U.N. atomic agency’s director general, Yukiya Amano, said it has gathered intelligence showing Tehran has tried to develop miniaturized nuclear warheads for ballistic missiles and the detonators used in triggering a fusion reaction. Miniaturization means suitcase nuclear weapons — just what Al-Qaida is seeking.
Iran is supported by China and Russia in developing a nuclear weapon. China will yell and scream, but will not participate against us. If they did, we could destroy their economy by cutting off all Chinese imports. Russia will supply Iran with weapons, but will not take an active part in any engagement. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, they are much weaker militarily, plus they are importing a lot of food from the United States.
Syria has its hands full with demonstrations, which could morph into a full-scale revolution, like what happened in Libya. With Syria out of the picture, Hezbollah will not be able to help Iran without Israel bringing their might into the action.
On Dec. 23, former Pentagon adviser Matthew Kroenig’s essay “Time to Attack Iran” was published in Foreign Affairs. Kroenig builds his case that an American assault on Iran should be undertaken sooner rather than later.
Iran is the only true military threat that we face in the Middle East. Now would be a good time to put away the talk and unleash the “big stick.”

Calderone is a conservative who lives in Midway. He is a professional salesperson and for 30 years has written articles for trade publications in various fields.

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