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The time to vote has now started
Patty Leon new

Okay people, the time is now. The ability to cast your vote is underway as early voting in Georgia started Monday. Unless of course you live in Long County. They announced early voting started Monday but decided Columbus Day trumps voting and kept the poll location closed, so there’s that.

If you have been going to the store, to work, to your bank, to pickup food and run errands, then put on your mask and vote in person.

Remove all doubt of whether your vote will count (or not), by standing in line and casting your vote.

If you don’t trust the United States Postal Service, then vote in person. Bring your folding chair, snacks, a good book and LOTS OF PATIENCE, but vote!

And while you are waiting in line, be vigilant of people trying to intimidate others in how they vote. Be vigilant of people campaigning in a no campaign zone and if you see it happening, report it immediately by calling the police. On to other things.

I read an article the other day about a group of evangelical Christians who claimed they were okay that President Donald Trump was treated for COVID with Regeneron.

Business Insider first published the story Oct. 9. The story stated that antiabortion groups told Insider they took no issue with the fact that one of President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 treatments — which he is now vowing to make available to all Americans — was tested using cells that originally came from an aborted fetus.

So suddenly this “anti-abortion” group is okay with using aborted fetuses for stem cell research? Would they still approve if it was

used for us normal Americans or is it just okay to use on the President?

Now according to Science Magazine, “the monoclonal antibodies infused into Trump were not made from or in fetal cells.”

However, Science Magazine also went on to explain that, “Regeneron did develop that treatment with the help of a long-lived line of cells established from the kidneys of a fetus electively aborted in the Netherlands around 1972. The company relied on those widely used cells, known HEK-293 cells, to make mimics of the coronavirus spike protein. Researchers used these proteins to test the potency of antibodies found in COVID-19 patients or made in mice with a humanlike immune system. The antibodies selected for the company’s cocktail, however, were then mass produced in non-fetal cells. The creation of the humanized mice also did not rely on HEK-293 cells or other cells from aborted fetuses or human embryos.”

Long story short, this cocktail would not exist TODAY without the initial research and trials that were done using aborted fetal cells.


I find it extremely hypocritical that this antiabortion group, the same folks calling for the removal of Roe vs Wade and a women’s right to choose are now saying they are okay that Trump got the treatment.

It doesn’t matter whether you are Democrat or Republican if you are anti-abortion then this should be on your NO list. Unless you are open to the fact that you are a hypocrite!

By the way this cocktail is also highly experimental and still in early clinical trials. Why that was okay to use on the Commander in Chief of the USA is another question for future discussion.

On to more madness and more random thoughts.

Why are there already Christmas decorations up at Walmart? Seriously let me enjoy, fall, Halloween and even Thanksgiving before shoving mistletoe down my throat along with Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas.”

At the very least let me enjoy shopping during Amazon Prime Days, spending cash I don’t have, on things I don’t really need.

I finally got bored with my COVID inspired veggie garden. Don’t get me wrong. I am still growing my tomatoes and peppers and a variety of herbs. But I think it’s time I try my hand at other things like brewing my own wine and beer. It will definitely save me money and would be enjoyed more frequently than the occasional tomato or cayenne pepper.

I wonder if the home-brew kit is on the Deals Day list.

I recently ordered and should receive this week my parabolic listening device and my metal detector.

Because WHY NOT?

Also, word of advice from me and a fellow friend who did the same thing. Don’t get your flu, tetanus and shingles vaccines on the same day on the same arm.



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