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To vaccinate or not, it’s your choice
Patty Leon new

Welp, I am fully vaccinated!

Let the zombification begin! Now I wait and see whether I have a pleasant experience like Mom, where she didn’t have any irritations or adverse reactions from her COVID shots, or whether I grow a third eye.

Actually I wouldn’t mind a third eye right now. My other two are getting older and blurry, maybe a third one would clear things up.

Maybe I’ll grow a third arm. That would be perfect, especially in traffic. I could keep both hands on the wheel and use my third arm to give the middle finger to the person who forgets to turn on their turn signal or honks their horn for no reason.

Or maybe it will enhance my brain functions making me some type of sudden Super Genius. I could use those skills right now. I have a Dell All-In-One computer that is not even four years old. About two weeks ago the monitor started acting weird and then suddenly – DARKNESS. 

No more visuals just a black screen, but everything else is working. But what good is that when you can’t see anything?

If I was a Super Genius then I could just take that sucker apart myself, buy the parts I need and make the repairs. Alas, it will have to be the Geek Squad for now and it will have to wait until I can get my tax return to either repair or replace my computer.

Luckily I have a small personal laptop and I also have my work issued lap top and so far I am able to get by with those, for now.

Maybe the second dose will alter my DNA and make me invisible. Either way I am keeping my fingers crossed all goes well. I know a few folks who experienced intense fevers, chills, muscle aches and what they described as an overall feeling of BLAH AND DEATH!

I’m hoping I may just have a sore arm but with my luck lately next week’s column will probably be about how I nearly died while sleeping in my bathroom, periodically hugging the toilet like we’ve all done when we over did it at the bar.

EWWW- doesn’t that sound like something to look forward to.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to get my second dose on a Monday, but we shall see. I still plan to wear a mask when I got out in public as mandated, but it does feel better to know I have some protection. 

Speaking of vaccinations, after more than a year I finally found a Veterinarian for my dogs, cats, rabbits and parakeets. It is near my home and reasonably priced. The dogs were due for their annual vaccinations and now proudly wear their new rabies tags. Plus as I mentioned in a previous column, it’s important to be flea preventative ready. Those monsters are a beast to control. My bunnies are going in next for their check-up and then the rest of the zoo.

 It’s funny how we don’t think twice about giving our animals their annual shots or getting an annual flu vaccine. Most of us don’t think twice about our children receiving their required vaccines prior to starting school.

But mention the COVID vaccine and suddenly half the planet is talking about Bill Gates ruling the world. Seriously!

USA Today reported that many anti-COVID vaccine activists are spreading a bogus claim that a shadow government is setting up a FEMA Detention Center and that Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci created COVID and are both profiting from the disease.

Yet former President Donald J Trump said the virus was released in Wuhan China. Neither theory has been proven correct.


People are still in disagreement about the origins of AIDS and HIV. It’s too early in the game to truly understand where and how COVID-19 came to be. 

But hey if a government official can say a certain Religious group beamed down laser lights which caused the California wildfires and Pizza-gate is real then we should take their word for it.

Am I right?


As with anything else, do your research and determine for yourself whether to get the vaccine or not. If you decide not to, that is okay, but also don’t attack or demean the people who do get it. It’s a personal choice.

- Patty Leon

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