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Topic: Response to blog
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Mr. Hickey,

Having read your blog, it appears as though you want me to answer for someone else's quotes, which clearly I cannot do. The story was not meant to be an expose of the problems with juveniles in the county; it was coverage of a community event in which people discussed their personal displeasure with the current state of the county's youth population and what is/is not being done to cure the problem.
The possible solutions discussed by those in the room included working with churches and creating more youth programs, but as written in the article, both of these options apparently pose problems - lack of cooperation between congregations and little funding - within the community and for organizers.
Perhaps, as you suggest, because you did not attend the meeting it is hard for you to fully grasp the frustration felt by those who are working each day in the field to make a difference for the county's young people. Having attended the four-hour forum, I believe the word "apathy" correctly characterizes their general sentiment about what leaders in many sectors of the community feel when it comes to teenagers. I think they made it very clear that they were dismayed with the lack of parental involvement, also.
I know there are many social issues surrounding the growing number of young people getting into trouble and agree these issues should be explored. However, as previously stated, that was not the point of this particular article. That said, there will be stories exploring these concerns in future issues of the Courier.
By the way, you pointed out the need to stop talking about the problem and put words into actions. Are you currently involved in any programs that work with local youth?

Blogger: Andrea Washington
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