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Trip to Beck rally was day of miracles
Hundreds of thousands of Americans descended on the Mall in Washington, D.C., last weekend for a rally with Glenn Beck. Bryan County resident Jennifer Jeffers and her son, James, were there for the action. - photo by Photo by Jennifer Jeffers
On Aug. 25, on the Mall in Washington, D.C., around 9:55, I witnessed one of the many miracles that happen on this day 8-28-10. With hundreds of thousands of people as a witness, a flock of geese unafraid flew from the WWII monument down the length of the refection pool and beside the Lincoln Memorial.
We all cheered as we thought this was God’s approval of the event that was to follow. My son James and I attended the event. We live in Richmond Hill and by chance got tickets on a Tea Party bus leaving from Winchester, Va. James’s grandfather was a bus captain and secured these tickets for us at the last minute.
There were truly hundreds of thousands of people in attendance – estimated at 700,000. Since there were no available military ceremonial units, the Boy Scouts of America presented the colors and we the people said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
There was not a dry eye on the Mall. There were perfect strangers hugging and crying. I myself made two new friends that day as I cried, too. I cried for my sins and lack of honor, and I cried for my country’s lack of honor, and I prayed to God along with everybody there that we would return to the honorable country that our fathers once founded. At many times throughout history, God has called us to turn back to him and at great cost if we didn’t.
The master of ceremonies was Glenn Beck from Fox Channel 46, talk show host at 5 p.m. daily. He masterminded this whole event. As I now reflect on the situation, he reminds me of another man in our history who orchestrated the events of the writing of the Constitution.
James Madison was his name, and he did bring the very important people together that were to create this great and holy experiment. The experiment that the people with divine providence could govern themselves well without an overwhelming centralized federal government. “If we can keep it,” added Benjamin Franklin.
Glenn repeated the phrase from the Declaration of Independence over and over again so we would not forget: “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”
He said there will be very hard times coming and that we need to know what we believe so we can rely on it for strength. He said we need to know the truth about ourselves so we will be able to stand in the fire of truth and not be consumed.
There were many famous preachers standing there behind Glenn in these famous hours. I know James Dobson was there in tears, as well. Glenn also said, “We must know who’s we are and not compromise on our principles.” He said inside each of us is a “giant of God” waiting to restore situations all around us.
He told us true stories of people who did great things for God that were not even noticed by the person that did them. He said it was no accident we were all born at this time in history and that there was a reason for it. He said everyone has a special and specific purpose, whether you find out what it is or not.
He painted pictures of the founders as faith, hope and charity. He said the preachers here today that return to their churches might lose some of their congregations by these messages, and Glenn called for people to tithe 10 percent of their earnings to support the drop in church membership. He said some people might not agree with the message and turn away from their churches, leaving the churches vulnerable of closure.
He talked about codes written in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. He said the large font in “WE THE PEOPLE” was no mistake and that we the people have a duty and an obligation to make Washington adhere to the Constitution and the founding principles.
Thomas Jefferson said that if what we structure in the Constitution does not work than there is a fourth and most powerful branch, the people. Jefferson said that the people would always “get it right.”
We have been asleep in the comfort of our homes and our churches. We need to boldly stand up for the truth and what is good in America. Then and only then “can we sleep at night with the protection of divine providence,” Glenn said.
Take a 40-day challenge of prayer and fasting. Find out for sure what you believe and hang on to it because you’re going to need it soon.
Jeffers lives in South Bryan and is an occasional columnist for The News.
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