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Trip to Midway turns into a highlight
Life in Liberty
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I can’t be the only one who has never really noticed Midway before.

I mean, I obviously knew it existed. I’ve seen it on maps and occasionally in the newspaper. I knew there were some historic buildings out there but nothing to really motivate me to drive the extra 15 miles out of my way to explore.

I finally made my way out to Midway for the first time — other than when I mistakenly missed my exit coming home from Savannah and had to go the “long, boring way” — and it was beautiful. I drove a few miles off the beaten path and was amazed at the gorgeous saltwater rivers speckled with speed boats and fishermen. The air was pure, the scenery was so tranquil and the breeze felt heavenly.

I thought, how have I lived here for years without ever seeing this? I thought that kind of beauty and tranquility necessitates a trip to Jekyll Island, but I never would have guessed the beauty within our own Liberty County.

Just because we’re busy debating on city policy and spending doesn’t give us any excuse to take what God has blessed us with for granted. Just a hop, skip and jump away exists a place where all that matters is if the fish are biting and when the tide is coming in.

To me, it’s a loud and clear reminder that nothing I say or do — nothing I write or think — will ever compare to the majesty in nature.

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