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Trump saving the suburbs?
Letter to the Editor generic

First, it’s the whole birtherism  thing- yet again. Even Donald Trump finally admitted that Barrack Obama , having been born in Hawaii, actually is and always has been an American citizen.  

Now, it’s Kamala Harris.  He says he’s “going to look into” her citizenship status. Mr. Trump, look no further. She was born in Oakland, California.  End of discussion.

Now, Trump wants all suburban housewives to know he has saved their neighborhoods from invasion by the unwashed masses of black & brown people who would live in the giant low-income housing projects about to be built right next door, if not for his heroic actions.

Isn’t this just a slightly mutated version of the “caravans” of dark-skinned immigrants who were about to storm the southern border and wash over the United States a few years back in a gigantic flood of  murder, rape and terrorism?

For those who care about the facts, federal, state and local governments may have the ability to eminent domain property and force the owners to sell it to them, but local planning commissions are the only ones who can rezone that property from single family to multi-family use.

The Obama administration did not take that authority away from them and  Donald Trump did not restore it.

   Plus, from what I’ve seen of zoning boards and planning commissions, most of them wouldn’t care if it were the Lord Himself asking for a variance...much less some skanky Washington politician with delusions of grandeur.

Linda Witt


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