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TSPLOST will help workers with buses
Letter to the editor
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Who is really to blame for high gas prices? We all try to blame the president, but I found out a long time ago that the U.S. government does not control the prices we pay for a product or service. We do! Prices are set by the businesses that sell the product or service based on what the consumer is willing to pay. This tells me the gas consumer is to blame for not finding alternate transportation and conserving gas.

Hinesville provides a Liberty bus line. But everyone says no one rides the bus. I bet if gas goes higher than $4, there would be more people riding the bus. But the Liberty bus needs to be extended to include all of Liberty County. So you can say local governments are to blame for the overuse of gas and higher prices in Liberty County. A bus route running from Liberty Regional Medical Center all the way down 196 to Gum Branch and a looping route back would get more riders. Another extended or new route would be to Midway Industrial Park. The buses also need to run from 4 a.m.-2 a.m. This would help shift workers and they could keep their vehicles at home and take the bus. And it would conserve gas.

It costs $11 to go from Joyner Road to Winn Army Community Hospital by Yellow Cab one way. On rainy days, I take a cab as far as Liberty Regional and catch a Liberty bus to Winn. On clear days, I walk to Liberty Regional and catch a bus. I am 68, and the bus line has helped me get around faster. I also plan on voting yes for the TSPLOST if it will help the bus line put in more routes.

Apparently many people don’t support the tax. Maybe that is because of what the Liberty County Commission and the Hinesville City Council have done in the past with tax dollars. That has included using taxpayers’ dollars to have meetings on Jekyll Island and trips to China. Most voters feel that if the transportation tax is passed that it will go to other programs that are not transportation such as the ones just mentioned.

I just hope when it comes time to vote that local government cleans up its act so the people will vote yes for TSPLOST.

Robert Wetmore

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