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The unifying power of the Blood of Jesus
Bishop K. E. Brown

Everyone who is familiar with the Bible, knows of the tragic death of Abel. This is not only the first murder recorded in scripture. This is the first sin recorded after the fall of man! One brother rose up and slew another because of an indifference. The amazing thing that we find in the text is that God reveals to Cain that the blood of his brother Abel was “Speaking”. 

Grasp this concept, the first mention of blood in the Bible reveals an amazing mystery…Blood has a voice! Today we have a better scientific understanding of that due research done in the field of DNA. But at the spiritual level many still fail to recognize the speaking power of blood! 

Much of the current unrest in our society is due to the crying of the blood of the innocent. Innocent victims of unsolved and unpunished crimes. The silent screams of babies torn from the womb and the pools of blood from slain victims of unjust killings. The voices of protesters in the streets are only visible reactions to the crying of shed blood. 

In our society the reaction to the crying voice of blood leads to division. Sadly, that separation and strife only leads to more pain and bloodshed. Like Cain and Abel, we continue the struggle of brother shedding the blood of another brother. However, Jesus provides the unifying hope solution for this problem. 

In Acts 17:26, the Bible records mankind is the byproduct of “one blood”. This is proven by DNA studies. Every person on the planet came through one man and one woman. Like Cain and Abel we are of one blood. The writer of Hebrews reveals that Jesus is the mediator of a new covenant that sprinkling of his blood speaks better than that of Abel.

The blood of Abel was a cry for revenge and separation. This why Cain became a fugitive and a wanderer. However, the blood of Jesus speaks peace, forgiveness and unity. This writer offers a reminder to all of us. During this time of division and conflict, the blood of Jesus is a healing agent and a voice of unity. His blood stills speaks, and answers the question of Cain. Yes, you are your brother’s keeper! The Blood of Jesus reminds us that we are one!

Bishop K.E. Brown, is the Pastor of Destiny Christian Center and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance. 

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