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Volunteers make a difference, bring community together
Keep Liberty Beautiful

Great volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and ages. That variety of involvement, we think, makes for a great program. They all have their own interests and their own reasons for volunteering with our program, so we do our best to match them with what they want to do. This year about 4,000 people, businesses, organization, churches, and social clubs have volunteered their time to clean up, fix up, plant up and recycle up our community. These kinds of things don’t just happen! It takes people power to make a difference. 

This year’s Great American Cleanup features the launch of the new Common Ground Campaign. Local, state and national elected officials are being invited to Great American Cleanup events to demonstrate that the cleanliness of our communities is on Common Ground. We also added a little challenge with the City Of Hinesville VS Liberty County. It was great fun and we awarded Liberty County with the Great American Cleanup 2019 Trophy, Thursday, June 20. The county will keep the trophy for one year and we will have to see if they can hang on to it.  

So far in Liberty County with the help and support of all the volunteers for Great American Cleanup we have: 

• Removed 8,670 pounds of litter and debris for safer, cleaner communities; 

• Cleaned 229 miles of streets, highways, trails, waterways and shorelines; 

• Collected more than 750 pounds of items for recycling or reusing, including PET plastic bottles, electronics, newspaper and more; and 

• Planted 4 trees and 50 flowers and bulbs to strengthen a community’s green infrastructure.

Although this is a county program, the actual engine that makes a program like KLB perform is the community itself. That is why it is important to recognize our volunteers and community partners with programs like with our Win-dex award.

The Win-dex award is a quarterly award program which is Keep Liberty Beautiful and the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce way of recognizing those businesses in Liberty County community, who make that extra effort to keep their businesses attractive and inviting. These businesses are run by people who have figured out that looking good makes a statement about the kind of business that they are! KLB need your help in giving these local businesses the recognition each quarter that they deserve. Each quarter we have a committee that select one business who keep their exterior or storefront neat and their landscape attractive--no matter what the size or budget of the company. Keep Liberty Beautiful and the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce has awarded over 40 winners since 2007.  

The 2nd Quarter of 2019 winner is Ameris Bank in Hinesville - Congratulations! 

We at Keep Liberty Beautiful would like to thank all of the priceless volunteers and our community. It’s the volunteers that make our job worth coming to. Will you be our next volunteer or business that takes the step to Keep Liberty Beautiful? Are you ready to make a difference where you live?  

Contact Keep Liberty Beautiful today at (912) 880-4888 or to find out how to get involved. We all live here let’s make it the best we can. Join these 4,000 committed volunteers and let’s grow the kind of community that we all want to have.

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