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What's for supper? Dolly the sheep
Nancy Bezanson
“What’s for supper?” Dolly, the Sheep!  Hello? Is anyone out there concerned the  FDA recently released a notice stating unequivocally cloned animals are safe to eat and will soon be entering our food supply?
I don’t know about you, but I read the book about Dolly, the Sheep and was not impressed with the scientific data, especially the defects and abnormalities associated with these animals.
Now I may be wrong and the scientists may have corrected these malformations.   Regardless, I do not want to eat these “Frankenstein” creatures!
Nature provides for the reproduction of food items in perfect sync with our needs, as long as we stay within the designed parameters. Genetic diversity is a fundamental cornerstone for healthy offspring.  
Why must we step in with our arrogance and portend to know how best to provide for animal husbandry? Has nature failed humanity or has humanity failed itself?
Who knows the long term effects of eating these artificially produced creations of the latest scientific endeavors to satisfy human curiosity?  
“Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done,” a wise man once told me.  
If you continue down this path, the ramifications may be felt in generations to come.  The scientists are still trying to figure out the “mad cow” phenomenon, the direct result of certain humans assuming they know more than nature does.
Cows forage grass and such; never do they munch on left over animal carcasses.  When force fed these ground up leftovers provided by meat processors, things began to go awry.
Did we discover the effects immediately?  No! Many humans, especially Europeans, suffered immensely from neurological disorders resulting from the consumption of this dubious meat.
Cows raised in pasture reproducing naturally and fed according to the inherent laws of nature have never been known to cause such human diseases.
If they do not label this “cloned” meat in the marketplace, I may be joining the leagues of vegetarians. Not! I most surely will buy my own Angus heifers and raise them naturally myself. I love beef too much to turn to carrots!
Bezanson, a Liberty County resident, may be contacted at
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