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Why ask a question like that, Courier?
Letter to the editor
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Editor: Why ask a question like that?

Our nation is very divided right now (no thanks to much of the news media). There is a lot of hate on both sides of the political issues. We have people rioting and destroying private property because the election didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to. We have people attacking other people because of how they voted. We have people calling people on the other side horrible names and making threats to them. We have celebrities and others making comments about assassinating the president and blowing up the White House.

We have front page stories of the Georgia chapter of a national organization having a meeting to discuss the illegitimate president as the "divider in chief." Why didn’t they discuss how divided the nation has become the past 8 years? It’s not an instant division. Why didn’t they discuss how the Constitution is actually set up to elect a president instead of focusing on that word, "illegitimate"? And discuss positive ways to change things for the next election.

So why would the Courier ask a question like they did? Why take a weekly poll asking people, "Do you think our new president has lied to the public?"

Did the Courier ask if our previous president had lied to the public on subjects such as Fast & Furious, Benghazi and a YouTube video? Or on the subject of "affordable" health care about keeping doctors and that costs would go down for EVERY American family?

Did the Courier ask during the recent election if the candidate who didn’t win the election had lied to the public about things?

Why would the Courier try to continually stir up the emotions of people with a negative question about our new president?

Are they hoping to cause more division in our community so that maybe something bad will happen so they have a REAL news story to write about?

Why not ask the question in a positive way? Why not ask, "Do you approve of how our new president has handled things in the first 2 weeks in office?"

But to focus on the word "lied" tells me the Courier is hoping to create news rather than report it.

No matter which way the poll goes, it’s going to point out the division. When are we going to focus on healing? When are going to focus on ways we can work together for the next four years? You don’t have to like our new president, Courier. But don’t be so obvious in trying to point out negatives about him, whether they exist or not.

It’s time the Courier takes the lead in presenting positive things about our country. The election is over. We need to heal and we need to grow together. Trying to stir up anger and other emotions is not the way to do that.

Mike Buckley


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