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Will anyone take responsibility?
Dee McLelland new

Can anyone take responsibility for their own actions anymore?

Now it was someone else that started the attack on the Capitol last Wednesday not Trump supporters. It was someone else that guided the attackers to make such an egregious act not Trump. Really?

Democrats have claimed they can’t understand why a group would do such a thing. Really? Violence isn’t the answer and shouldn’t be tolerated. Again, really?

I make a point above that the people involved in last week’s attack on the Capitol were ‘attackers,’ not protestors much in the same way that the people involved with the rioting and looting during the attacks last spring were not protestors at all.

Yet, with all that said no one wants to take responsibility for planning, leading or being an antagonist in the whole sordid episode. In some ways it was a fitting end to what has been a forgettable tenure in the White House by Donald Trump. It also marks what I fear will be more of the same for the next four to eight years for the Biden-Harris administration.

I add soon to be Vice-President Harris’ name to the administration because I have little faith that Biden will fulfill his term and that she was hand-picked, not by Biden, but members of the Democratic party to be their talking puppet as soon as she takes over the office.

Trump, and like it or not, other Presidents have been puppets as well when it comes to their agendas and platforms. Trump, however, kept talking after his string finished winding up into his back. As much as we would like to think the President is a single minded individual, the truth is, you don’t reach the White House any longer without the corporate backing and greedy backroom shenanigans.

Do we as Americans believe Trump, Biden, Clinton and Bush were the best America had to offer the last 20 years? Of course not, at least, if you have any common sense.

Now with the Democrats gaining control of the Capitol and Senate thanks to Georgia’s willingness to elect Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, it’s the Dems that are center stage where they have control and it will fall on their shoulders to deliver all the promises they have been throwing out like candy for the last few years, at least when they stopped whining and crying about not getting their way.

The attack on our Capitol was shocking to say the least and even more shocking was the fact that it supposedly happened at the urging of Trump and his supporters as a last ditch effort to stop Biden’s time in the White House.

I have no doubts as well that Trump’s ego was bolstered by the actions, but it also should serve as a warning to all the politicians in Washington that people will only be pushed so far. Americans, right or wrong, have an innate ability to rebel against those things they feel are unfair.

Right or wrong, some of the protestors during the spring after multiple police abuse cases felt they needed to take steps to let their feelings and voices be heard. Right or wrong, the same thing happened at the Capitol last week.

With all that being said, the time when both sides of the political ping pong table feel that Washington and our government have pushed them too far, the repercussions will be far more devastating. When citizens have their very freedoms and rights threatened is when protests become riots and riots become rebellion.

When reading and learning the history of the downfall of past governments and countries, I’m afraid we may have witnessed the first chapter of our own.

If you see me say, “Hey!”

Dee McLelland is Publisher of the Coastal Courier and the Bryan County News.



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