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Work needed to make Liberty beautiful
Letter to the editor

Editor: I read, with interest, two articles in Sunday’s Courier and would like to give my views on both. The front page article entitled "Chik-Fil-A, others are on the way."

How interesting. Panda Express, Aspen Dental, Ulta and Long Horn Steak House all being built in Hinesville.

There are hundreds of cleared acres of land sitting idle just off Highway 17 in Liberty County, cleared years ago and nothing ever being built there. If our commissioners and industrial authority had any business sense, we could have a booming business center like Pooler has and our economy would be thriving. Instead, this land sits "barren" with no hopes of anything ever being built there as long as we have our present leadership.

My second issue is Keep Liberty Beautiful’s article "Snuff out cigarette litter." Trust me folks, litter will always be here until law enforcement fines these people and makes them get out on the road and pick up other people’s litter.

This is also another way to enlist prisoners. What Keep Liberty Beautiful needs to concentrate on is enforcing the law where it comes to people cleaning up their junky yards and also getting rid of junky trailers and run down houses. I had the pleasure of working with Carla Goodwin, when she was the director of Clean and Beautiful, then with Jennifer Flournoy, when she became director. Jennifer steamrolled through Liberty County, ridding us of numerous run-down trailers, offering her help to the owners when they cooperated in her efforts. I have e-mailed Sara Swida, whom I also had the pleasure of working with, having suggested the St. Catherine’s Island beach sweep, which had not been done by KLB in the past.

I have gotten no response to my suggestion to work with the assessor’s office in getting these blights removed from our county. It is my contention that in order to keep liberty beautiful, you must first get Liberty beautiful.

I hope these suggestions won’t fall on deaf ears.

Dot Moss


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