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Writer: council lacks civic pride
Letter to the editor
Letter to the Editor generic


I wonder if the citizens of Midway ever wonder why Midway hasn’t grown like Hinesville, Richmond Hill and Pooler. I believe it is a lack of pride in the city by the mayor and city council. Businesses don’t want to open in Midway and developers don’t want to build. Why? Just look at the city.

There are lots throughout the city that are full of trash, unkempt or growing wild. There is an ordinance (9-1-7) on the books that the city is ignoring, which would clean up the city. Even when you notify the city of an unkempt lot, the city does little or nothing. I have such a lot next to my property.

The city’s financial center (Butler Avenue) is a disaster. The road is in terrible condition and the parking lots look as though a bomb went off, especially directly in front of the city hall. There’s not even pride where the city hall is located. I’m waiting for one of the potholes to gobble-up a small car.

The empty stores tell another story. Midway is unable to draw the kind of businesses that the residents can support. Many of the stores on Butler are empty. Or, maybe since the residents have to travel to Hinesville or Richmond Hill for most of their shopping, they just buy whatever else that they need in that city.

Driving down East Oglethorpe Highway in Midway, there are two ramshackle houses; a deserted business that is overgrown; and a boarded-up building on the corner of Martin Road. What an impression this makes on potential businesses.

Both the police department and the fire station look as though they are about to collapse at any moment. The city had an opportunity to build a city center to house these departments years ago, but they never acted. Now, they hope SPLOST will be their salvation. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Back when Don Emmons was mayor, the city paid for a consultant to design a city plan. It was a great plan. That plan is still sitting in some file cabinet gathering dust. No action was taken. The council wants to build their combined government center near Cay Creek rather than follow the city plan.

This is what happens when a city elects officials who have no business experience; and expect these bureaucrats to handle the city’s affairs in the proper manner. You get what you vote for.

Len Calderone

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