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You can do better, Hinesville City Council
Letter to the editor

Editor: Recently the city council of Hinesville and the Liberty County Board of Education voted to lower the millage rate.

To the Hinesville City Council, that’s good, but why don’t you go one step better? It’s really very simple, a city homeowner millage rate reduction.

I went to the new city council on this idea about six months ago and nobody on the council or the mayor even bothered to entertain the idea.

What’s a bigger insult to the homeowners of this city, most of whom take care of their property and don’t park their cars in the yard.

This isn’t a bash on the real estate/rental property industry, but why doesn’t the council reward homeowners, the heart and soul of our neighborhoods?

Next time you see your city council member or mayor ask the simple question, "where’s my homeowner millage rate reduction?" But be prepared for them to turn to a new subject or brush you off, etc.

If I had been elected, I would have tried to be like my campaign stated: straight and honest.

Joseph B. Stuart


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