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You make it possible to save lives
Letter to the editor

Editor: For the sixth year, the people of Liberty County have shown their concern and compassion for their brothers and sisters in need by joining with the Liberty County Homeless Coalition on Good Friday for our 7K Run/Walk for Shelter.

You make it possible for us to address the pressing need of many families through rental assistance, emergency shelter and utility assistance. You make it possible to save lives.

Thank you to all of the runners, walkers, volunteers and contributors who make it possible for us to help the "least of these, his brethren."

Those include:

Jodee Adam, Kenya Ala, Natasha Alexander, Nancy Aspinwall, Cheryl Baler, Darren Batiste, Larry Bell, Sophia Blakely, Joseph Blakely, Shawn Brown, Kristin Bryant, Marion Carter, The Rev. Chad Chaffee, Gabriela Chaffee, Alison Chapman, Sherry Christian, Karen Caines, Alexis Clanton, Robert Conger, Melanie Conger, CSM Martin M. Conroy, Sherry Cooke, Carol Corbin, The Rev. Katrina Deason, Willie Dunlop;

David Edwards, Jerica Evans, Maya Evans, Teanesa Fabain, Miranda Gillis, Von Gilmore, Diamond Green, Commissioner Gary Gillard, Donna Grover, Hershey Hamman, Krystal Hart, the Rev. and Mrs. Douglas Harn, Sylvester Harris, Col. Townley Hedrick, Lorne Hennigan, Patricia Hewitt, Velnca Honedoph, Gaby Howard, Kiera Howell, Caroline Howell, Kiera Howell, Wayne Howell, Tracey Hugo;

Tracy Jennings, Janelle Johns, Eugene Johnson, Victoria Johnson, Alicia Jones, Yorlene Jarez, Diana Keel, Robert Love, Christina Mernts, Lori McCampbell, Natha McIver, Christina Memitt, Annette Mitchell, Vanessa Mitchell, Donovan Mullings, Bruce Muncher, Marion Muncher, Marlena Napier, Sabrine Newby, Penny Newton, Brittany Parker, Jean Patterson, Jeffrey Porter Sr., Karley Pugh, Lalah Pitts, Keith Jenkins, Jon Long, Lynn Long, Matt Marchand, Irene Myers, Councilor Vicky Nelson;

Jerry Reaves, Donny Ray, Charmette Reed, Brittnie Ricks, Michelle Ricketson, Kim Riedman, Jose Rodriguez, Ralph Robinson, David Ronn, the Rev. Denise Ronn, Lisa Sanchez, Melinda Schneider, Sheriff Steve Sikes, Apollo Silao, Commissioner Marion Stevens, Lauren Schuller, Sabrina Schuller, Robin Smith, Spike, McKesson Stafford, Karen Stagmeier, Larry Stokes, Karen Sullivan, Father Time, Marcie Thomas, Colleen Thompson, Christina Tuten, the Rev. Andrew Velez, Effie Wagner, Lisa Wayne, John Walker, Kawana Wilcox, Kristen Wilks, Jordan Winn, Cynthia Williams, Denise Walker and Kathy Wise.

Team Baconton Missionary Baptist Church; Team Calvary Missionary Baptist Church; Team Columbia College; Team Coastal Courier; Team ESG/One Team; Team Food Lion; Team GeoVista; Team Heritage Bank; Team Liberty County Sheriff’s Office; Team Manna House; Team Omni Financial; Team Garrison Command, Ft. Stewart/HAAF; Team Vietnam Veterans of America; Team Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church;

And many more who donated their time and resources to make this a great event.

The Rev. Jim McIntosh, president

Liberty County Homeless Coalition

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