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Your voice means a choice
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With the destruction (or “murder,” as trees are living organisms) of the 100-plus-year-old live oaks in Liberty County, we have made a choice with our voice or lack thereof to exercise it not to save these magnificent living statutes of our proud Southern heritage.
Consider this for a moment, thousands of letters, phone calls and e-mails to the governor’s office demanding our “voice” be heard on the matter.
Do you think the unity of our voice will mean a “choice” for the governor? To hear his constituents’ voices and then simply ignore their pleas and quest for rational discourse does indeed result in a “choice” —- his, speaking loudly to all of us about what his personal agenda stands for.
The phrase, “Silence speaks louder than words,” rings true when our elected officials do not heed our heartfelt pleas.
Utilizing our voice is the most precious freedom of all granted in the Bill of Rights, the guaranteed constitutionally protected right to the free exercise of expression (our voice) granted to us by our forefathers in an effort to build a meaningful democracy.  
When we apathetically believe we will not be heard individually and choose to not voice our opinions, that is also a “choice.” Unfortunately, the elected politicians count on us to keep quiet and stay busy with our daily routines and allow them to run “our affairs” as they see fit.
When we do choose to use our voice, especially in large numbers, I guarantee you they do indeed notice. It is hard to ignore the voice of the mass populace when heard in unison on an issue. Their cumulative voices ring so loud as to carry for miles into the distance.
How do you think the great Dr. Martin Luther King achieved a major shift in the Civil Rights movement? Was it only one voice that made that choice? No! He giftedly motivated a large number of voices to sing out in unison which outright challenged those in office to get out of their cozy leather chairs and change the dynamics of accepted cultural standards.
“We, the people” do have a voice in our democracy and when we choose to speak in unison on an issue, any issue, not only on “election day,” but every day, it will surely be heard. Apathy will get us absolutely nowhere, except down the path to dictatorial tyranny.
Our silence is also a choice.  It sends a clear message to our elected officials that we, the people, do not care how they “run our affairs!” Is that the choice you want to be remembered for?
Our founding fathers laid the foundation; it is up to us to build the structure.
“Your voice does mean a Choice.” If you truly believe that, we still have a chance to save our democracy from those who would choose to subvert it for their own personal agendas.

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