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13U Rebels going to USBA Nationals
Team heads to Myrtle Beach for June 23-28 event
The Coastal Crew Rebels 13U squad is scheduled to compete at the USBA Nationals June 23-38 in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. They are: Coach Reggie Castile, Denzale Bratcher, Michael Farriar, Jerome Grant, Jordan Portley Xavier Jackson, Christopher Guilfo, Korwin Kyle, Coach Dana Portley. Not pictured: Javante Richey, Tony Sanders, Jamaal Anderson, Eric, Moore and Marvin Walthour. - photo by Photo provided.
Following in the footsteps of their competitive and successful older Coastal Crew Rebel players, the 13U squad has attained a national bid and is headed to North Myrtle Beach for the USBA Nationals scheduled for June 23-28.
"We played in a tournament in Charleston recently and we finished third," 13U Rebels head coach Reggie Castile said as he explained how the 13U kids got the bid. "We expect the kids to go up to North Myrtle Beach and have a good showing."
While the coach said he has high hopes of his team going the entire distance for the win, he said learning the ball skills and life lessons were more important.
"The most important thing is to learn team ball so when they get to high school they have the fundamentals and know how to play the game," he said.
Coach Castile also stresses the importance of getting the kids ready for life off the court by stressing the importance of academics. His players are required to maintain a C or better average to be able to play and travel with the team.
"If they fall under a C average they are placed under suspension from game traveling," the coach said. "They can still attend practice but they can't travel with the team until they get their grades up."
Coach Castile said he played basketball in college and understands how grades can affect the players' ability to earn a scholarship or play games. He said he remembers how the coaches took time with their players to make sure the grades stayed up and promises to do the same for his players. He also stressed the important role a parent plays in their child's life by asking the parents to become more involved in their kids' academic studies and athletics.
But on the court the coach is all about the game and set high expectations for this year's team.
"We finished seventh last year and we are shooting for at least third place this year," Castile said.


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