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All*Stars split games at Augusta tournament

Scott’s All*Stars recently competed in the Ice Breaker tournament in Augusta, Georgia. The 17U team went 2-2.

"Our kids did well for our first tournament, being undersized and only a couple weeks of practice," coach Marcus Scott said. "Many of our kids play for Brunswick High’s state championship finalist team, so we got a later start than many program."

He said they are now focusing on getting them ready for the NCAA live period, which is the last two weekends in April, when they play in front of college coaches.

"We have a lot of talent, but a lot of work to do between now and then," the coach said.

He said Scott’s All*Stars’ mission is to teach basketball and life skills to kids with the potential to play basketball on the college level.

The program started eight years ago with a group of fourth-graders.

"These fourth-graders are now juniors in high school," Scott said. "Players from our program have played on four state championship teams in the area to include Liberty, Brunswick, Jenkins and First Prep. Our goals this year is to make sure all our players are prepared to attend college after high school with an academic and/or athletic scholarship. All of our athletes have above a 3.0 GPA."

They are also required to perform community services and make college visits.

For more information, contact Scott at 912-655-4371 or


Scott’s All*Stars 60 vs. 4RSA Unsigned 66

Jaylen Jackson 16, Zachary Moser 8, Daquan Humphreys 8, John Forbes 8, Marcus Scott Jr. 7, Kelan Walker 6, Tarique Gray 6,

Scott’s All*Stars 76 vs SC Kings 60

Scott 18, Humphreys 18, Gray 10, Forbes 10, Jackson 9, Moser 6, Walker 4

Scott’s ALL*Stars 86 vs Future Stars 77

Humphreys 16, Scott 15, Moser 15, Walker 14, Gray 13, Jackson 7, Forbes 6, Robinson 2

Scott’s All*Stars 50 vs. Ft. Mill Knicks 75

Humphreys 12, Jackson 10, Gray 7, Scott 7, Forbes 4, Robinson 4, Moser 3, Walker 3.

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