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Bradwell suffers disappointing loss
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Bradwell Goalkeeper Mike Griffin kicks the ball back into play against Camden County on Saturday. Griffin had 14 saves in the first half of the game. The Tigers lost 2-1. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
The Bradwell Tigers girls and boys soccer teams both lost to Camden County last Saturday in Hinesville.
The boys held tight in the first half of play with the score staying tied at one and goalkeeper Mike Griffin having 14 saves. It was a mistake and the lack of a mid-field that eventually cost the boy Tigers the game. 2-1.
“We did not do what we needed to do in our midfield,” Bradwell soccer coach Greg Cooke said. “Mid-field is what is going to win games or lose games and today we had no mid-field. I need my supporting players to start doing better. I’m disappointed in the way the mid-field game was played today,” he commented.
Camden County is considered a tough team in the region this season with many returning starters and seasoned players.
“Camden has a great team and we knew they would be one of the best in this region,” Cooke said. “This is Camden’s returning year. They have older quality players that can step on to that field and dominate.”
The girls were not able to hold off Camden as they came apart in the second half to suffer a 9-0 loss. The Lady Tigers are, for the most part, a young team of freshmen and sophomores committed to the game but still learning to develop stamina.
“For some reason my girls are dropping off in the second half instead of stepping it up,” Cooke said.
The Camden girls’ team also is comprised of several returning starters and the difference in physical strength and stamina is apparent.
“They are mature players, you can see the muscular difference, the physical difference and when you have that type of difference in athletes there is not much you can say or do,” Cooke said.
“My girls know that this is a tough and competitive region and we have to get better gradually,” he said. “It’s about becoming a better team throughout the season for the girls.”
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