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Celebrating the end of school
ymca fun
Several middle school students enjoy going to the YMCA for Middle School Night Out. Pictured are Rodney Taylor, Rodney Pack, Marissa Polston, Shaunquelle Sapp, Eryia Irving, Chantal Colmore and Miko Smith. - photo by Photo by Jimmy Courier
With school ending Friday, several middle school students wasted little time kicking off the summer fun.
More than 110 youth enjoyed the Middle School Night Out Friday evening at the YMCA.
Children enjoyed sports like dodgeball, basketball, swimming and racquetball, as well as dancing and board games.
It’s all part of keeping Liberty County children safe and off the streets, according to the program’s director Christina Anthony.
“All the issues in the area with gang control and juvenile detention  numbers going up, we need more programs for them (children) to go to in order for them to stay off the street,” she said. “It’s working really well and the police department comes by and patrols the area, so it’s a safe place for the children.”
Anthony explained that once a child enters the YMCA, there is no leaving until the parent or guardian picks up the child. She said that insures that the children will be safe.
“We’ve had a very positive response,” Anthony said. “The parents are excited that they can drop off their children in a safe environment and know there’s adult supervision and everything is locked down.”
Anthony believes it is important to be a positive role model in the community.
“It’s a very nice feeling that if you can change one child’s life in a role model, then maybe they will grow up and do the same thing.”
Three Snelson-Golden Middle School students, who just completed the sixth grade explained why they like coming to the YMCA.
“I like to go swimming and play racquetball,” Rodney Taylor said.
“I like to have fun with my friends and I enjoy the festivities and food,” Rodney Pack said.
“I like to be with my friends, play games and hang out,” Marissa Polston said.
The YMCA offers summer camps and specialty camps for children. For more information, call the YMCA at 368-5311.
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