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Former Tiger plays Tebow
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For a college scouting team, it’s usually all guts, no glory. But this weekend, one former Bradwell Tiger will get a moment in the spotlight as he plays the part of Tim Tebow to help the Bulldogs prepare for their game against the Florida Gators tomorrow in Jacksonville.

Nicholas Franks, a 6’ 2", 245-pound University of Georgia student and graduate of Bradwell Institute, walked onto the Bulldogs’ football team his first year. The Midway native was part of the scouting team, but this year he made the roster as a Bulldog tight end.

As the big game approaches, though, he has one more thing to do for the scouting team. Franks was tapped to play rival quarterback Tim Tebow.

"Imitating Tebow is something I really wanted to do," Franks said.

"The defensive coaches knew that I played quarterback in high school and since I am around the same size as Tebow they thought I would be a good representation. Playing Tebow is what I think football is all about. I have really enjoyed trying to do what he does best, running as fast as I can, trying to truck over as many defenders as possible."

The scouting team aside, Franks said his goal is to get the coach’s nod and place his cleats on the grid-iron during a live game.

"Well, my ultimate goal would be to eventually start at tight end, but I know that is a lofty goal considering I am just a walk on," he said. "But stranger things have happened before. I currently do not get to travel with the team, but coach Richt always lets the scouts know that we are important to the team’s success. A short-term goal would be to actually get to play on special teams and be able to say that I got to play a snap between the hedges. I always dreamed of playing for the Bulldogs. I grew up watching them play every year. To say that I actually made the team is a pretty awesome feeling."

Franks said his football experience is preparing him for his future career as a high school football coach.

"I felt that if I wanted to learn the most I can about football, I better do something that would allow me to do that," he said. "I have learned so much since walking on and I really feel like playing football for UGA will help me with my coaching career."

The Bulldogs and Gators take the field tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. The game will be televised. Check local listing.

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