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Hammerheads have good showing, but rain wins
Dakota Woods, 13, swimming the backstroke leg of the 13-14 medley relay in which the relay team came in first place. - photo by Photo by Susan Baker
Another recreational season of competitive swimming has begun for the Liberty County Hammerheads.
Coach Susan Baker feels this should be another great year. The Hammerheads have several new swimmers to join the many returning stars from last year.
The team has 40 swimmers ranging in age from 7 to 18. Swimming has become popular, as last year the team had only 25 swimmer
The Hammerheads competed in its first of four swim meets Monday.
At the Liberty County Recreation Department’s pool at Stafford Pavilion, the Hammerheads competed against  Appling County, Douglas, Jeff Davis, Ware County and Wayne County.
The Hammerheads started practicing two weeks ago, so Baker said the swimmers were ready for this meet.
“I feel we have many swimmers who could be looking at going to States this year, but the swimmers need to continue to work hard and practice trying to improve their times,” she said. “If the swimmers I have do this, we should and will have a very successful year.”
Unfortunately for all swimmers, they were unable to complete Monday’s event because of lightning. The butterfly and freestyle relay were not completed.
The girls’ 11-12 medley relay team placed second. Bethany Langston swam the backstroke, Margaret Turner swam the breaststroke, Olivia Reosti swam the butterfly stroke and Kirsten Morris swam freestyle.
The boys’ 13-14 medley relay team placed first. Dakota Woods swam the backstroke, Kevin Morris swam the breaststroke, Ramson Davis-Wilkes swam the butterfly and Taylor Baker swam freestyle.
Hammerheads results:
Samuel Baker: 3rd, 25yd freestyle.
Patrick Baker: 2nd, 25yd backstroke; 6th, 25yd freestyle.
Gatlin Woods: 1st, 50yd breast stroke; 4th, 100yd freestyle
Dakota Woods: 3rd, 50yd freestyle; 2nd, 50yd breaststroke
Jenny Windham: 4th, 100yd freestyle; 3rd, 50yd breaststroke.
Nicole Puckett: 5th 100yd freestyle; 4, 100yd individual medley.
Jessica Puckett: 17, 50yd freestyle; 9, 50yd backstroke.
Thomas Baker: 6, 100yd freestyle; 3, 100yd individual medley.
Taylor Baker: 1, 100yd individual medley; 10, 50yd freestyle.
Nicholas Hahn: 4, 25yd freestyle, 3, 25yd breaststroke.
Stephanie Hahn: 10, 50yd freestyle; 5, 50yd breaststroke.
Nadine Moses: 10, 25yd freestyle; 7, 25yd backstroke.
Alexa Bowerman: 13, 25yd freestyle; 11, 25yd backstroke.
Alyssa Pitts: 14, 25yd freestyle; 9, 25yd backstroke.
Ashley Pitts: 21, 50yd freestyle; 14, 50yd backstroke.
Otis Johnson: 11, 25yd freestyle; 7, 25yd backstroke.
Margaret Turner: 5, 50yd freestyle.
Bethany Langston: 7, 50yd, freestyle; 2, 50yd backstroke.
Haleigh Hawkins: 19, 50yd freestyle; 11, 50yd backstroke.
Ashleigh Duncan: 20, 50yd freestyle; 13, 50yd backstroke.
Jimmy Arnold: 6, 50yd freestyle; 2, 50yd backstroke.
Jennifer Gaughran: 7, 50yd freestyle; 5, 50yd breaststroke.
Sophia Reosti: 12, 50yd freestyle.
Olivia Reosti: 7, 50yd backstroke.
Ramson Davis-Wilkes: 1, 50yd freestyle.
Joseph Owens: 7, 50yd freestyle; 4, 50yd breaststroke.
Kevin Owens: 11, 50yd freestyle.
AJ Harris: 9, 50yd freestyle.
Bryson Johnson: 6, 50yd freestyle; 3, 50yd breaststroke.
Kevin Morris: 1, 50yd breaststroke.
Kirsten Morris: 2, 100yd individual medley; 2, 50yd breaststroke.

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