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LCRD scores
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Oct. 1

49ers 7, Rams 12
First quarter, Christian White had 8-yard run
Second quarter, Austin Sanders had 6-yard run
Fourth quarter, Jacquez Williams had 9-yard run
Jets 19, Colts 19
First quarter, Davion Mitchell had 17-yard run, Samuel Roberts had 33-yard run
Second quarter, Davion Mitchell had 68-yard run
Third quarter, Richard LeCounte had 7-yard run
Fourth quarter, Marcus Rhodes had 22-yard run

Oct. 4

Cardinals 19, Jets 20
First quarter, Jamel Powell had 62-yard run, Richard Lecounte had 6-yard run
Second quarter, Jamel Powell had 7-yard run, Richard LeCounte had 7-yard run
Fourth quarter, Ahmad Lewis had 9-yard run, Richard LeCounte had 18-yard run

Rams 14, Broncos 27
First quarter, Terry Robinson had 3-yard run, Jacquez Williams had 36-yard run
Second quarter, Terry Robinson had 12-yard run and 51-yard run
Third quarter, Jacquez Williams had 3-yard run
Fourth quarter, Duane Johnson had 26-yard run

Colts 13, Lions 0
Second quarter, Davion Mitchell had 64-yard run
Fourth quarter, Davion Mitchell had 28yd kick return
49ers 18, Jaguars 0
First quarter, Christian White had 14-yard run
Second quarter, Christian White had 23-yard run
Fourth quarter, James Andrews 3-yard run

Oct. 7

Rams 20, Lions 19
First quarter, Dorsett Johnson had 4-yard run, Jacquez Williams had 9-yard run
Second quarter, Liam Kelly had 31yd Int Return
Third quarter, Jacquez Williams had 12-yard run, Adrian Gordon had 17-yard run

49ers 7, Jets 0
First quarter, Christian White had 3-yard run

Oct. 8

Jaguars 7, Broncos 20
First quarter, Christian Evans had 3-yard run, Ramon Manzano had 43-yard run
Second quarter, Duane Johnson had 4-yard run
Fourth quarter, Christian Evans had 8-yard run

Colts 31, Cardinals 6
First quarter, Jamel Powell had 18-yard run, Jeremiah Purnell had 2-yard run
Third quarter, Davion Mitchell had 21-yard run
Fourth quarter, Davion Mitchell had 28-yard run and 36-yard run, Jerrick Warrens had 44-yard run

Oct. 2

Raiders 25, Falcons 0
First quarter, Charles Tigner had 56-yard run
Second quarter, Charles Tigner had 9-yard run, Jordan Waters had 23-yard run
Third quarter, Charles Tigner 22-yard run

Chargers 0, Packers 0

Oct. 14
Tigers-0    Eagles-26
1st quarter-Team Safety
2nd quarter-Trevor Elkins 17-yard run
3rd quarter-Terris Taylor 16-yard run, Trevor Elkins 21-yard run
4th quarter-Terris Taylor 23-yard run

Panthers 20, Bulldogs 18
1st quarter-Kevin Harris 4-yard run, Justin Carryl 14-yard run
2nd quarter-Justin Carryl 9-yard run, Carryl ran PAT, Kevin Harris 9-yard run
4th quarter-Joshua Ferrel 43-yard run, Justin Carryl 40-yard run, Carryl ran PAT

Yellow Jackets 12,    Gators 12
1st quarter-Alivn Roberts 33-yard run, Roberts ran PAT, Alivn Roberts 8-yard run
2nd quarter- Tramel Walthour 4-yard run
3rd quarter- Alivn Roberts 21-yard run

Oct. 15

Tigers 0, Gators 18
1st quarter-Alivn Roberts 8-yard run
2nd quarter- Hunter Hawkins 12-yard run
4th quarter- Seth McGary 3-yard run

Hurricanes 31,
Seminoles 30
1st quarter-Marcus Scott 45-yard run, Chris Fugua 12-yard run, Fugua ran PAT.
2nd quarter-Marcus Scott 9-yard run, Tamoz Hawkins 3-yard run, Nyheem Sanders 4-yard run, Chris Fugua 37 -yard run
3rd quarter-Marcus Scott 23-yard run, Chris Fugua 43-yard run
4th quarter-Marcus Scott 36-yard run, Chris Fugua 39-yard run

Oct. 16

Bulldogs 22, Eagles 0
1st quarter-Kevin Harris 9-yard run
3nd quarter-Kevin Harris 8-yard run
4th quarter-Kevin Harris 47-yard run

Yellow Jackets 0, Hurricanes 26
3th quarter-Russel Dandy 45-yard run, Isaiah Scott 55-yard run

Panthers 18, Seminoles 24
1st quarter-Marcus  Scott 5-yard run, Markel Dobbins 38-yard run
2nd quarter-Justin Carryl 38-yard run, Marcus Scott 3-yard run, Marcus Scott 31-yard run
3rd quarter-Justin Carryl 18-yard run, Marcus Scott 11-yard run

Oct. 14

Jaguars 18, Lions 13
1st quarter-Jarguel Richardson 43-yard run and 9-yard run, Dorsett Johnson 29-yard run
3rd quarter-Garcia pass 4yds Parker Neely
4th quarter-Jarguel Richardson 61-yard run

Colts 18, Rams 20
1st quarter-Joshua Walker 68-yard run, Brandon Whittingham 3-yard run, David Mitchell 44-yard run
2nd quarter-Austin Sanders 23-yard run, Davion Mitchell 53-yard run
3rd quarter-Austin Sanders 4-yard run

Oct. 18

Chargers-22 Falcons-0
1st Quarter-Jair Brown 6yd run, Armando Toledo ran PAT, Jair Brown 37yd run, Michael Burnett ran PAT
4nd Quarter-Quinndon Montgomery Safety and 4yd run

Cardinals-6 49ers-0
3rd Quarter-Jamel Powell 43yd run

Jets-12 Broncos-6
1st Quarter-Marquis Bennett 5yd run
2nd Quarter-Terry Robinson 26yd run
4th Quarter-Richard LeCounte 9yd run

Oct. 16

Giants-0 Raiders-30
1st Quarter-Charles Tigner 58yd run
2nd Quarter-Alonza Wynn 64yd and 37yd run, Jordan Waters 68yd run
3rd Quarter-Shemar Ramos 34yd run

Redskins-20 Packers-0
1st Quarter-Jordan Moody 64yd run and PAT
3rd Quarter-Jordan Moody 62yd run
4th Quarter-Jordan Moody 48yd run, Darren Diggs ran PAT
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