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Let’s watch Bama roll!
Armchair Willie

HAHAHA! Alabama put the squeeze on Auburn last week and stuffed the Tigers with whatever leftovers they had from Thanksgiving and now they get that revenge shot at LSU!

I’m loving this! Just a few weeks left and the SEC still has some meaningful games to play.

TEXAS A& M AT AUBURN: Auburn has no quarterback. Period. Alabama did what they wanted to do with them last week and Texas A& M still has an outside shot at the playoffs.

Looks like the Aggies will have to endure another Auburn game in Auburn where everybody and his brother knows the Tigers get some pretty ridicules calls to win games. Gus is a genius at home and a bum on the road.


ARKANSAS AT MISSOURI: These are two of the surprise teams of the season so far with both getting more wins than anyone expected.

Arkansas plays tough defense, but the Tigers have a young quarterback who can deliver a lot of passing explosion plays. I like the Tigers a lot in this game.


FLORIDA AT TENNESSEE: It may be snowy and cold in Knoxville Saturday and that’s not what the Gators like, so it may be a concern for the Florida side.

However, Tennessee almost looks like a team that has closed up shop for the year and on head coach Jeremy Pruitt. The Vols better put forth an effort if they want to save his job and the Gators want to keep their playoff hopes alive and get into the SEC championship game.

I don’t think it’s close after the first half.


VANDERBILT AT GEORGIA: Vanderbilt fired their head coach. That’s right, Vanderbilt. This team still has wooden lockers and chicken wire in their stadium and they expect a coach or enough talented players to win?

Not buying it Vanderbilt. Take your $44 million you get from the SEC every year and build some facilities and get a coach and some talented players.

Georgia is now going with JT Wilson at quarterback after struggling all year. What was Kirby Smart thinking? Now it’s too late for the SEC and maybe they can get a decent weather bowl game.


SOUTH CAROLINA AT KENTUCKY: Kentucky has talent on defense and that’s about it. South Carolina doesn’t have anything.

Why bother?


GAME OF THE WEEK ALABAMA AT LSU: The only reason this is a game of the week is because I’m interested in seeing how many points Bama scores against LSU.

Coach O made some pretty nasty remarks about Alabama last year after LSU beat them after many years and believe it or not, Nick Saban remembers every word and will hang 70 on LSU if he can.

Bama has wanted this game to be played for an entire year and I think the SEC forced the Tigers to play even though they ducked the Tide early in the year.

LSU is a shell of itself and they are beginning to look like they were a one hit wonder and Coach O isn’t the coach they thought they had. He’s had troubles in other stops and this looks like a repeat after some early success. This may get brutal.


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