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Local martial artists excel in Jacksonville championships
Next Generation Martial Artists
Shown are the members of the Next Generation Martial Artists following their appearance in the Tae Kwon Do Junior Championship in Jacksonville. Photos provided

Twenty-seven competitors, between the ages of 4-10 from Next Generation Martial Arts, competed in an Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do Junior Championship in Jacksonville. 

Competitors, their ages and their finishes are as follows:

 Legend Parmelee, 4, second place; Marshall Tallent, 6, first place; Marvin Abercrombie, 6, second place; Jamison Whitehead, 6, second place; Alaiya Nicely, 6, second place; Landen Prevatte, 6, third place; Kasey Anastasio, 6, second place; Levi Irwin, 6, second place; Ethan Ibarra, 7, first place; William R. Howard, 7, first place; Jacen Hartvigse, 7, third place; Liam Brown, 8, first place; Jayson Parmentier, 8, third place; Malachi Smith, 8, first place; Carver Bray, 8, third place; Brooklynn Rollins, 8, first place; Maddie Tallent, 8, first place; Aryona Nicely, 8, second place; Cooper Neiman, 8, first place; Joshua Jarman, 8, second place; James Kessel, 8, second place; Sadie Toner, 9, first place; Brantley Cunninham, 9, third place; Austyn Neiman 10, second place; Dakota Anastasio, 10 second place; Xavier Vader, 10, second place; and Averah Norman, 10, first place.

Next Generation Martial Arts is at 322 N. Macon Street in Ludowici.

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