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Consider trouble spots from tee box
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John and Bob are playing No. 4 at their club. It’s Bob’s turn to hit. He tells John that this tee shot gives him trouble because he slices his ball into the water on the right side of the fairway most of the time.
John reminds Bob that he always tees his ball on the left side of the tee box and that he should tee on the right side.
Bob replies, “But there is a water hazard all the way down the right side and I want to get as far away as possible so I use the left side of the tee box.”
John is correct for the reason that you normally should tee your ball on the side of the tee box that lets you hit away from the trouble. Since Bob always uses the left side and slices his shot, it heads straight for the hazard.
Bob says “Thanks,” follows his partner’s advice and the result is a shot landing in the fairway and not the hazard.
Tip: In most cases, you should hit away from trouble.
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