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Dont ban anchor putting for amateurs
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Question: The Royal and Ancient Golf Club and the United States Golf Association have officially proposed the banning of anchoring a putter when making a stroke. Is this good for the game of golf?
Answer: My personal opinion is no. The heads of these governing bodies say it is not the number of tournaments that are being won using the anchored belly or long putter, but the increase in the number of players using this method. They are referring to the professional tournament players.
What about the other 99.9 percent of golfers who enjoy game? The number of amateur golfers using an anchored belly or long putter is also increasing. Not because it might make them more money, but because it helps them enjoy the game more. The anchoring method of putting has been around for more than 25 years. Should it be OK for a few to use the anchored method but not more than a few?
Tip of the day: This banning proposal is not to be put into the rules until 2016. In the mean time, everyone has an opportunity to let their opinions be known. I urge you to do so, regardless of your agreement or disagreement with the rule. My opinion is that no one will decide to take up the game or play more because of the ban, but some will get discouraged and play less or drop the game and many will have less fun playing the game.
As always, have fun playing and practicing golf and e-mail me at with your thoughts and suggestions. Join us at Sapelo Hammock on Monday and Wednesday evenings for the ongoing lessons.

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