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Having fun with bad shots with a game called badges
Golf pro - Graham Lewis - photo by Photo provided.

Question: Jane, Babs, Ruth and Martha are preparing to play their weekly golf match. Jane says she wants to play a different game today. Martha says OK, but I want to be able to count all my shots so I can turn in a score. They all agree.
Answer: Ruth says, “I have a great game called badges.”
Here’s how it goes: If you are the last person to do certain things badly, you get a badge.
The game normally has six types of badges, but we can add more.  Snake badge is for the last one to three-putt. Squirrel is for hitting a tree. Fish is for hitting your ball in a water hazard. OB is for hitting out-of-bounds. Crab is hitting in a sand trap. Angel is for swearing. If I three-putt the first hole, I get a snake badge. If Jane three-putts the second hole, she gets my snake badge. It’s the same way for all the other badges. The one who has the most badges after the round is the loser.
Great game, says Martha. We can count all our shots and add a little excitement. Let’s add a whiff badge. They all agree.
Tip of the Day:  Golf is considered a gentleman-and-ladies game, and we are not supposed to wish ill of our opponents. However, when playing a game like badges, it can really make the game of golf even more exciting.
As always, have fun playing and practicing the game of golf, and email me at with any questions or suggestions.

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