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Putting from wrong spot
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Q: Jan and Babs are playing in their ladies Tuesday blitz. On the fourth hole, both players hit their ball on the green. Babs asks Jan to mark her ball and move it one club head to the left so that Jan’s marker will not be in her putting line to the hole. Jan does so, and Babs putts her ball into the hole. Jan replaces her ball and prepares to putt.
“Wait,” Babs says, “if you don’t move your marker one club head back to its original position, you will incur a two-stroke penalty for hitting from the wrong place.”  
Is Babs correct?
A: Yes, Babs is correct. Jan thanks Babs and, after replacing her ball in the correct spot, she proceeds to putt it into the hole.  
Tip of the day: Babs was not required to tell Jan that she needed to move her marker back to its original position. She showed great sportsmanship and, in so doing, saved her opponent two strokes.  
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