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Scotts All*Stars participate in Helens Haven 5K event
Scotts All*Stars participated in the Helens Haven 5K on March 29 in Hinesville. The youth-basketball program concentrated on community service for the event. Teams in the program also played several recent games. - photo by Photo provided.

Scott’s All*Stars performed their monthly community service at the Helen’s Haven 5K Run on March 29 in Hinesville.
It was an opportunity for the players to learn about the youth-services center while running a 5K.
“Many of our kids have never been involved in a 5K run event,” All*Stars organizer Marcus Scott said. “It was joyful for them to see many of their teachers participating in the run. I appreciate the director, Terri Liles, for letting the kids help set up the run and allowing them to play a huge part in setting up for the event. On every fifth Sunday, we attend church as a group. We also attended Bethel AME church. This is always a great time for the kids to fellowship with each other outside of basketball. However, they still got an opportunity to play basketball.”  
All teams had scrimmage games in Savannah. The eighth-grade team was a force, winning both its games that weekend. The ninth-grade team split two games, and the fifth-seventh-grade team lost its game.
SAS 7th 17, Boys Club 8th 37
SAS scoring: Timothy Powell 11, Jace 2, Chalique Beacoat 2, Corey Jenkins 2
SAS 8th 52, Brunswick Kings 34   
William Richardson 19, Henry Blair 11, Marcus Scott 9, Joshua Washington 5, Trae Broadnax 3, Zack Moser 3, Terry Smith 2                                                                                                                              
SAS 8th 46, Savannah Extreme 42
Marcus Scott 13, Daqaun Humphreys 11, Trae Broadnax 7, William Richardson 5, Henry Blair 4, Jaylen Jackson 4, Joshua Washington 2
SAS 9th 40, Savannah Extreme 36
Antonio Ramos 10, Taurus Dennard 9, Jyaunte Haggary 8, Will Richardson 6, Marcus Scott 4, Josh Washington 1
SAS 9th 36, Savannah Extreme 48
Stats not available

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