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Theres a difference in stroke vs. match play
Graham Lewis

Question: Kim is playing with his regular foursome in a men’s association event.  The format is stroke play. On the fourth hole, Kim notices that his group is falling behind the group in front and that the group behind is having to wait. He recommends that they play ready golf and dispense with the normal practice of the low score tees off first and the farthest from the hole hits first. Can they do this?
Answer: Yes. Although it is customary for the person with the lowest score on the previous hole to tee off first, it is not required. It is also not required that the person farthest from the hole hit before the others in their group.
This is true for stroke play but is different for match play. In match play, when you are playing your opponent hole by hole, if you hit out of turn, your opponent has the option of allowing the shot or making you replay the shot, after they hit. There is no further penalty.
Tip of the day: How many times have you been ready to tee off or hit your next shot, only to find that the person with the honor on the tee or furthest from the hole was no where near ready to hit? One of the biggest concerns in golf is the amount of time it takes. Speed it up by agreeing to play ready golf.

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