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Watch those swings
Golf Pro Graham Lewis - photo by Photo provided.

Question:  Janet and Mary are playing nine holes with Bob, who is the club’s teaching professional.  On the third hole, Mary accidentally hits her ball while taking a practice swing.  Bob asks, what is the proper procedure for Mary to follow since she accidentally hit ball?  Janet says Mary should count the stroke and hit the ball from where it lies.  Is she correct?
Answer:  Bob says you are partially correct.  Mary needs to count the stroke, even though she did not intend to hit the ball.  She must also place it in its original position.  Rule 18-2a requires a stroke penalty for moving a ball when it was in play, and it must be replaced.
Tip of the Day:  When taking a practice swing, give yourself a little room.
As always, make it your goal to have fun when playing and practicing the game of golf.  Email me at with questions or suggestions.  Join us from 5-7 p.m. Monday and Wednesday at Sapelo Hammock for our learning sessions.

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